Dr. Dirk Schlottmann


















born 1968 in Mainz (Germany), ethnologist and visual anthropologist.

Traveled to many countries in Africa and Asia.

Since September 2010 Visiting Professor at Korea National University of Education (South Korea).


The focus of my  photographs is people photography, the classic portrait in the strict sense and documentary photography.

My work revolves around connecting and capturing the essential human spirit with the perception of an ethnologist

and the heart of an artist.


I appreciate to realize projects whilst traveling. It is always a nice process to pick up an idea, to research a topic and  to

discover new aspects and facets of it or to highlight the surprising and subtle similarities between cultures.

The last few years my work as a photographer centers essentially on the relation between man and the sacred.



Check out my portfolio and feel free to send me a mail if you have something on your mind.