The Korean indie music scene is part of a lively, diversified and innovative subculture whose epicenter can be found in Hongdae. Every weekend bands of different styles play in clubs, basements and coffee shops near the Hongik University. Their common denominator is that they do not follow the musical mainstream. Indie Korean is the Cinderella of the Hallyu family and the artists rarely succeed in stepping out of the shadow of the ubiquitous pop culture.


My first indie concert in Korea, to which a friend had invited me, was an eye-opening experience and the birth of a newphotographic project for me. The intensity of the performance, the passion of the musicians and the dynamic between audience and artists conjured up a unique atmosphere.



Korean Indie Gallery  – bandnames and venues


Club Spot, Whatever that means, Love X Stereo, Rudy GunsLook and Listen, One Hundred Blossom Club, Stoned, Mixed Blood, Yuppie Killer,

 JuckJuck Grunzie, Lowdown 30, Salon Badabie, We dance, Hellivision, Christfuck, Bad Trip, 악어들, Wasted Johnny’s, Club FF, Tommy

Kim, Telefly, Cuba, Billy Carter, Angry Bear, Blue Snake, The Veggers, Club Freebird, Romantiqua, Harry Big Button,

GoGos 2, No.1 Korean, Asian Chairshot, The Barberettes, Smacksoft, Jebi Dabang, White Reed Caravan구릉열차,  Garlixx, Strange Fruit,

Veins, Dokkaebi Assault, Scumraid, Club Bbang, Gunamguayeoridingstella (구남과여라이딩스텔라), the Corona,